White LED Flashlight

Single "AA" NiCad runs circuit 20-30 hours

Bright White LED lights from single NiCad AA battery. A step-up voltage circuit generates the 3+ volts necessary to light the white LED.

I put the LED on a flexible lead to peek into tight areas with small openings. The reliability of the LED reduces fear of the light from burning out.

The 20 to 30 hours of run time on a single AA NiCad charge assures long term use. Because there is only a single NiCad involved, there is no danger of reverse charging the cell as with multiple cell NiCad use.

It is advised to run the light until it goes out, discharging the battery. This will prevent the "memory" effect from developing within the NiCad.

The 100uh inductor is a Delevan API part number 1812-104J. (Digi-Key Stock No. DN12104JCT-ND @ $.70 each)

The white LED is a Chicago Miniature Lamp part number CMD33UWC, 2300 mcd brightness lamp. (Digi-Key Stock No. CMD0333UWC-ND @ $3.00 each)

Page updated July 20, 2001

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